To Bleed A Crystal Bloom by Sarah A. Parker || A Beautiful and Dark Retelling of Rapunzel

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Yes I am back, all fresh and happy with an exciting new tour, To Bleed A Crystal Bloom hosted by Turn The Pages Tour! Thank you so much for giving me a chance to read this book💓

To Bleed A Crystal Bloom by Sarah A. Parker

Genre(s): ADULT FICTION, Dark Fantasy, Romance, Retellings > Rapunzel | Series: To Bleed A Crystal Bloom #1

Publisher: Self Published

Release Date: July 24th, 2021

Trigger Warnings: drug use, explicit language, self harm (only tip of fingers), graphic scenes, death

“What a pretty flower to keep locked in a big, rocky tower.”

Nineteen years ago, I was plucked from the heart of a bloody massacre that spared nobody else.

Small. Fragile.

An enigma.

Now ward to a powerful High Master who knows too much and says too little, I lead a simple life, never straying from the confines of an imaginary line I’ve drawn around the castle grounds.

Stay within. Never leave. Out there, the monsters lurk. Inside, I’m safe … though at a cost far greater than the blood I drip into a goblet daily. Toxic, unreciprocated love for a man who’s utterly unavailable. My savior. My protector. My almost executioner. I can’t help but be enamored with the arcane man who holds the power to pull my roots from the ground. When voracious beasts spill across the land and threaten to fray the fabric of my tailored existence, the petals of reality will peel back to reveal an ugly truth. But in a castle puddled with secrets, none are greater than the one I’ve kept from myself.

No tower is tall enough to protect me from the horror that tore my life to shreds.

Mini Review

💫 3.5 stars 💫

It was thrilling.

But not really my taste of book. To Bleed a Crystal Bloom was a dark retelling of Rapunzel which I thought was quite interesting to read about since I haven’t read a Rapunzel retelling before and the way the author described the settings of the book was emotionally stirring and quite wicked.

I actually loved the descriptions the author put in here and there, very beautiful and alluring. The writing was so fluid too and I couldn’t put my eyes off the words and I really felt like I was with the character. It was dark, but lighter in some way.

However, it was a bit predictable of what would happen in the plot. With the romance and how the big “betrayal” was going to be. I think it might be just me but I could sense everything that was going to happen. But I really did enjoy reading this, it was beautiful and and a different type of retelling that I hadn’t read.

Mood Board

Author Information

Sarah is an international bestselling author who also writes under the pen name S.A. Parker.

She lives in Australia with her husband and children, and spends her days with her nose in a book or her mind in a world of her own creation.

Her genre of choice is epic fantasy romance, and she thrives off dreaming up complex characters and immersive worlds to get lost amongst.

How have you guys been? Is Rapunzel one of your favourite Disney movie? Tell me what you guys have been up to!!

10 thoughts on “To Bleed A Crystal Bloom by Sarah A. Parker || A Beautiful and Dark Retelling of Rapunzel”

  1. rapunzel is also one of my favourite disney stories, so i’m sorry that even though you liked it, it wasn’t your favourite! both the cover of this book and your moodboard are so gorgeous!! i love this post, and i’m so glad to see you back ❤️

  2. you got me right at your description of to bleed a crystal bloom in the title, rapunzel is one of my favourite Disney movies too and how this book took a spin on it sounds so interesting! thank you for the lovely review and moodboard, becky!! <33

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